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The Consumer Markets Industry: A Summary of the Key Findings

4th December 2018
The Consumer Markets Industry: A Summary of the Key Findings

Why aren’t consumer goods CEOs as confident as the average CEO concerning the growth in organizations, and the economy as a whole?

CEOs of retailers and consumer goods manufacturers have been in the spotlight lately. Growth has been hard to come by, especially from the point-of-view of the more established players. Budgets are stretched thin, and consumer preferences and shopping habits are continually changing. Additionally, investors are slow with their decision-making, waiting for near-term improvements.

With consumer markets in a constant state of change, CEOs seem to be more focused on the present, instead of making on ambitious long-term undertakings. The long-term view may be a luxury they can’t afford, and they are thus operating as they are in an environment of continual change.

However, Over 25% of Customers are Spending More on Products and Experiences This Year

Consumers are upbeat, according to the 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey, that was conducted by PwC more than 22,000 consumers were reached in 27 territories across the globe.

According to the findings, global consumers are optimistic about their local economies. They intend to spend more or the same for purchases and experiences, mostly at a brick-and-mortar store or online with mobile devices. The respondents also reported being willing to pay extra for personalized services, like same-day or other quicker shipments, and are relying on their social networks for inspiration and are ambivalent about the use of artificial intelligence and the use of technology, particularly when it is used to track their shopping habits.

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