Cornfield & Partners

Our Team

An integral part of our operational core is our external specialist network. The local experts we work with have a long working history in their region. Here we introduce our internal team who manage, develop and support our operations as well as the projects that we execute for our clients.

Inna is responsible for business development, project management and project execution in selected markets. She is based in Kent, and she has nearly 20 years experience.

Inna has helped over 200 industrial companies in many markets to increase sales and enhance operational performance.

Inna’s expertise includes analyzing market opportunities, managing internationalization and market entry, and sales channel development in foreign markets.

Inna Barlow

Business Development Manager

Nicole supports our projects with data collection, intelligence, and marketing. She is based in London. Nicole holds a master’s degree in international business gained in the UK with distinction. She has worked for many companies based in Slovakia, UK, and Hong Kong.

Nicole Havalcova

Regional Analyst, Selected Markets

Joakim has over ten years experience in research, consultancy, and HR projects in Sweden and a few other markets. At C&P Joakim has carried out various data intelligence and consultancy projects as well as executive search projects. Joakim also has remarkable experience as an entrepreneur and has been awarded for his achievements.

Joakim Lidman

Regional Analyst, Sweden

Peter works in our client projects in East Africa and he contributes to our own business development activities in the region regularly. He is based in Nairobi and he has many years experience working for renowned market research agencies, non-profit organizations and financial institutions.

Peter Njoroge

Regional Analyst, East Africa

Julie is responsible for managing and executing projects in many industrial sectors. She is based in Oxford and she has over 15 years experience.

Julie has a long history with leading market research agencies in the UK and in France. Her sectoral expertise covers for example food & beverages, retail, consumer goods, personal care etc.

Julie is a rigorous and diligent manager and happy to apply various approaches and techniques that she masters for the benefit of our clients.

Julie Orvain

Senior Consultant and Project Manager

Nikke’s responsibilities include the planning and delivery of digital performance, design and brand marketing related projects. Nikke is based in London and he has over 15 years international experience.

An awarded digital strategist and digital marketing professional Nikke has worked with well known brands such as Tiffany, Amazon, Fossil, Victoria’s Secret, Universal Music, Peroni (SABMiller), LVMH, BBC, Warner Music and Red Bull.

Nikke Osterback

Senior Associate, Brand Equity and Digital Performance

Saskia works in our internal team and contributes to our marketing and networking. She has a long experience in developing and executing marketing plans, managing teams, and liaising with customers and business partners.

Saskia Polidario

Marketing Manager

Jyrki is responsible for managing and executing client projects in many industrial sectors. He is based in London and he has over 30 years experience.

Jyrki has executed over 300 consultancy projects relating to advising companies in international markets in many areas of the world. His experience covers international growth plans and entry options, market research, partner search, funding projects, EU projects, venture capital etc.

Jyrki’s industrial expertise covers energy- and environment technologies, ICT, manufacturing and machinery, electronic instruments, forest industries and wood products, building materials, retail, mobile applications, finance, telecom, and more.

Jyrki Poysti

Head of Consulting

Douglas has plenty of experience in research, consulting, event management and technology marketing. He is responsible for C&P's marketing and business development operations in Singapore.

Douglas Quek

General Manager, Singapore

Jenni is responsible for developing our operational excellence and client acquisition processes in many markets. She has been with the company since 2013.

Jenni Tala

Operations Director

Mikko is the MD and responsible for overall management and development of the company. He has been responsible for hundreds of consultancy assignments around the world. Mikko has over 10 years experience in management consulting and international operations of multinational firms.
Mikko has market experience in the UK, Finland, Canada, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain and Singapore. He holds three postgraduate master’s degrees with distinction.

Mikko Tala

Managing Director

Martti works in our internal operations and develops our partner network as well as general planning. He also markets our services in Finland and contributes to our project coordination work. Martti has a long experience in business development and management of SME companies in Finland.

Martti Vakkala

Manager, Partnerships and Development