Cornfield & Partners

Our work.

Our work includes building international sales channels, M&A commercial support, international market research, international headhunting, internationalization strategy work and much more.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, but have one thing in common: they want to explore and grow within global markets. We help them achieve this.

Mikko Tala
Managing Director

Types of work

Although not a comprehensive list, this information demonstrates our work with over 300 companies around the world.

  • Strategic level international business planning
  • Market intelligence and market research: primary and secondary data collection and analysis
  • Market entry - strategic and operational choices
  • Market entry - partner search, value chain analysis and sales channel building and development
  • Partner search and evaluation (importers, distributors, agents, system integrators, automation partners, JV partners, M&A targets, technical and service partners, etc.)
  • Headhunting (i.e. finding the right people)
  • Operational sales support such as product test drives, road shows, appointment setting, lead generation, etc.
  • Helping foreign subsidiaries perform better or enter a new business segment
  • Helping HQ understand if a foreign subsidiary performs as well as it should in the light of annual investments involved
  • Country management and sales development: we know the ramping up processes in a new market requires local commitment, and we provide interim personnel to do this
  • Cultural consultation and localization
  • Digital marketing and digital performance from a strategic level to day-to-day campaigns in international markets

Never stop exploring

The greatest companies of our time invest billions of dollars in exploring new opportunities and marketing their value propositions. They would not be where they are without this strategy. The world is full of opportunities for those who are brave and willing to explore and realize them. It’s time to get active and go out there.

It’s a team game. An appetite for solo adventure is rarely a sound business strategy. History is littered with examples of great team work. In international business, it is often smart to partner with someone that has experience of local resources and is dedicated to working together. We have been a valuable partner for many leading corporations on their journey.

Global Reach

Our clients represent many industrial sectors and include major corporations, SMEs and start-ups. We have served more than 300 industrial clients located in many corners of the world.

Proven quality

Our quality standards are tested every day with clients whose turnovers are worth several billion euros and are among the greatest in their field. We work daily with SMEs on their unique challenges too. In addition, we regularly serve the European Commission and are a quality-evaluated partner for the Government of Finland, as well as constantly winning public and private tendering processes in many countries.

Performance refined.