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Wider Coverage is the Aim of the New Mobile Network in Mexico

25th August 2018
Wider Coverage is the Aim of the New Mobile Network in Mexico

Mexico might not be known for its technology or innovation, but this is about to change.

Mexico’s new national mobile network went live at the end of March, ten days ahead of schedule. With the shared wholesale network, Mexico is at the forefront of developing countries, and even the most remote rural towns will benefit. The network has an initial coverage of 32% of the country’s population.

The 4.5G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) shared network, known in Mexico as “red compartida”, intends to reach 85% coverage by 2021 and 92.5% by 2024. Being a wholesale network means that it will not sell its services directly to consumers.

The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) has identified that the transformative, inclusive and revolutionary project will change Mexico. The network will facilitate access to new operators, which will increase innovation across many sectors.

The Mexican company Altán Redes is in charge for the design, operation, and maintenance. The company won a government tender to build the network in 2016. The network is backed by 2,693 towers and antennas and can adjust to 5G technology.

The objective of the centers will be to enable low-income towns to access internet services for medical, banking, education and government-related purposes. The scheme is a public-private partnership which hopes to raise the US $8 billion in investment capital during the 20-year concession period.

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